Toogoolawah Service Pistol and Action Open 2014

The 2014 Open started off cold and very windy. A couple competitors even braved staying over Friday night and managed not to get blown away or frozen.

Apart from the wind it was beautiful whether, the sun was out and the sky was clear. After a bit of a delayed start, we started shooting Service Pistol at about 9:00.

The range worked perfectly, turning targets and barricades could not be faulted. Not bad considering we have never used them for an open 50m even. So thanks to all the members who helped to make it happen.

We all stopped for an amazing lunch, consisting of freshly made chicken and steak burgers, made by the wonderful kitchen ladies of the weekend Tracey and Liz. They did a wonderful job of keeping everyone feed though out the weekend.

After lunch we shot Unrestricted Service Pistol. The wind had died down a bit and it had warmed up into a great afternoon of shooting. Everyone had settled in and was shooting great scores after lunch.

Presentations went great with everyone winning a prize donated by QLD Gun Exchange. Rob was the winner of the lucky door prize. Congratulations to Chris the winner of Service Pistol and Ross the winner of Unrestricted and to all the other competitors who came to the 2014 Toogoolawah Service Open.

After the day had ended, everyone who stayed gathered around the camp fire for some stories and good laughs. Up for dinner was a lamb roast and roast veggies cooked on the coals in camp ovens to perfection.

Sunday was a cracker of a morning with no wind, cold temps and blue skies. New competitors had arrived for the second day of the open. Action was on the menu today and it started with the barricade event. The barricades had not been used for over 20 years and performed well with a little bit of packing around the edges. They were looking very smart, due to club members helping out the weekend before giving them a fresh coat of paint. The tempo had definitely stepped up from the previous day with lots of shots and quick times.

The next event was Crawford Barricades and after everyone had shot their match it was time for lunch.

After lunch the range had been changed for the Practical Match. The match went well and it was soon over and it was over to the Plate Range.

Plate match started with Dave getting an unbeaten 48 plates. The good shooting pretty much stopped there with everyone else not shooting quite as well as they had hoped for. Still lots of fun was had by all at the Plate range as usual, there is nothing better than shooting steel on a Sunday arvo.

Congratulations to Dave on shooting the top score of 1911 and winning the competition. Many thanks to the other competitors that attended the Action Match at Toogoolawah. I’ve been told that it was the first in 20 or so years.

The lucky door prize was won by Karen, which was also sponsored by QLD Gun Exchange. Thanks again to everyone for coming and I hope to see everyone back next year for the Toogoolawah Service and Action Open.

Written By Aaron